Program Educational Objectives

Program Educational Objectives are broad statements that describe what graduates are expected to attain within a few years of graduation.  Program educational objectives are based on the needs of the program’s constituencies. The Computer Information Systems program has four Program Educational Objectives recently adopted and approved by the Industrial Advisory Board in the Fall of 2012. These objectives were reviewed again and approved by the Industrial Advisory Board in 2018.  These objectives are the career and professional accomplishments that the program is prepares graduates to achieve:

PEO 1: (Applied Skills and Knowledge)  Apply foundational knowledge and technical skills to work in a business environment.

PEO 2: (Analysis and Design)  Synthesize core knowledge of computer information systems to analyze, design, and implement solutions to real-world business problems.

PEO 3: (Currency) Actively engage in life-long learning and professional development.

PEO 4: (Teamwork)  Work in teams to solve business problems by utilizing effective communication and collaborations skills.



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