Joe G Nash
Product Specialist
Computer Services, INC

Joe Nash works in Special Projects for Computer Services Inc. Meridian Division. He also works as a project manager, researching and developing ideas for new products and helping the best ideas progress into development. He serves as a point of contact for banks interested in the details of products and services that CSI offers.

Joe, in addition to working in Special Projects at CSI, runs a multi-million dollar ranching operation Nash & Nash, LLC.  He has integrated and managed innovative software systems for CSI and Nash & Nash.  In doing so, he has found creative and revolutionary solutions to help both of these companies propel forward into more advanced methods for handling information and doing business. 

Joe joined CSI in 2008 and became an asset in multiple departments.  He spearheaded the conversion of the company’s in-house call system to a more adept, versatile, and advanced model in which multiple departments can communicate with customers and co-workers in an efficient manner.  He is currently working on further expanding the system’s capacity. For his ranching business, he created a software system that reads and analyzes electronic tags, with data analysis, data mining and reporting. 

He has also proved to be extremely valuable for both corporations by ensuring meaningful relationships between them, their vendors, their customers and their community. He serves on the User Advisory Committee for CSI’s Meridian Division, where he meets with customers, identifies their needs and presents them CSI’s latest solutions and advances.

Joe also serves as the WTAMU liaison for CSI, and he is passionate about the bond between the two enterprises. He works with the Department of Computer Information and Decision Management in the College of Business, in addition to working with the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Most recently, he has supervised a capstone project that involved allowing multiple WTAMU students to have hands-on, degree-related experience at CSI, and he strives to continue this rewarding program between CSI and WTAMU.

Joe graduated from West Texas A & M University in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in CIS; he also received his CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and an associate’s degree from Clovis Community College.

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