Peter H.R. Sibley

Peter H.R. Sibley, is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mr. Sibley has led the development of INFORM®, an award-winning, standards-based e-learning performance management platform that supports communication, collaboration and continuous improvement among teachers, students, parents and administrators. INFORM, formerly Virtual EDucation, was selected by Bank of America as the Most Innovative Product, and for the Grand Prize Enterprise Award. INFORM was also a finalist at the prestigious University of California Most Innovative Product (MIP) Award competition. With Peter’s guidance, the company’s product and service lines have been successfully implemented in many of the premier K-12 school districts in the nation to support performance and accountability.

Under Mr. Sibley’s leadership, completed several acquisitions in the past five years. In 2001, acquired Education World®, "The Educators Best Friend" portal. Education World’s success is reflected by its high ranking when searching for education on MSN, Google, and Yahoo. Also acquired in 2001 was Fox River Learning for its patented In$ite™ -- The Finance Analysis Model for Education™ that assists educators in determining "what works, for which students, at what cost, over time." These acquisitions help advance Mr. Sibley’s vision of providing powerful tools that facilitate continuous improvement of student achievement for K-12 education. In 2006, Mr. Sibley guided the acquisition of the assets owned by Educational Gateways, commonly known as EdGate. The acquisition of Total Reader™, SchoolNotes™ and EdGate Correlation Services ™ complements EDmin’s suite of products designed to enhance student achievement.

Mr. Sibley co-developed the Technology Maturity Model (TMM), a comprehensive school improvement methodology that promotes the effective use of technology in educational institutions. The TMM has received support from educators, institutions, and organizations nationwide. He co-authored "The Technology Use Plan Primer" which has been well received by educators as a practical guide to develop a sustainable technology planning process. Peter has published and presents regularly on using technology to support learning.

A former Dean of the School of Computer Science & Engineering at National University in San Diego, Calif., Mr. Sibley has over 24 years of experience in  educational environments dealing first-hand with the challenges and opportunities of using technology in the learning process.

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