Advisory Board Mission and Objective


The CIDM Advisory Board is a collaboration between corporate representatives and WTAMU faculty, administration, alumni and students designed to provide mutual support to each other.  This collaboration should assist the faculty in developing, delivering and monitoring a high quality educational program so that WTAMU CIS graduates are equipped with the critical skill sets required by employers in the Texas Panhandle area as well as nationally and internationally.


  • Conduct periodic reviews of the CIS curriculum
  • Exchange ideas with faculty on:
    • General industry trends
    • Information technology trends
    • Graduate/employee requirements for success as information system  professionals in the areas of:
      • Skills
      • Knowledge
      • Abilities
    • Recommend actions impacting future CIS program modifications in the areas of:
      • Overall curriculum design
      • Design of specific courses
      • Adoption or discontinuation of specific information system technologies, tools and methodologies
      • Program accreditation
      • Internships and employment opportunities
    • Participate with faculty in selected research and curricular development activities

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