SONY DSCOne-on-one conversations with CEO’s of major companies was just one highlight of the Finance trip to the Hodges Capital Management’s Annual Investment Forum in Dallas.  On September 2, 2010, six students along with over 200 professional money managers listened to investment presentations by fourteen companies identified as having compelling investment merits by Hodges Capital Research.  In particular, the students learned about the direction of the natural gas industry, the concentrated focus on higher-end customers by retailers, and the expanding market for railroads.  Additionally, WT COB alumni Don Hodges, Eric Marshall and Derek Maupin took time out of their hectic day to discuss different investment philosophies and their views on the direction of the stock market and the economy with the students.  The event, held at the Crescent Hotel, also included a luncheon presentation by former Dallas Federal Reserve president and Texas A&M Chancellor Dr. Bob McTeer.


Students: J.D. Morrison, Jacob Ortega, Zaid Maaytah, Kolten Wilder, Laura Beth Hallman, and Karina Lindary.