Kaytie Ammons, Hollow Dot Designs

Kaytie Ammons, a COB marketing graduate, recently started her own company.  Below, she depicts the obstacles of entrepreneurship and explains how the knowledge she gained from the College of Business has helped her manage and grow Hollow Dot Designs (hollowdotdesigns.com).

“I haven’t always dreamed of making jewelry, but I have always dreamed of being an entrepreneur.  The idea for creating jewelry started because of my favorite bracelet that I bought in Paris broke, resulting in countless hours of online searching for a replacement coming up empty.  I was recently engaged to my now husband and had the bright idea to recreate the bracelet as gifts for my bridesmaids when I asked them to stand by my side as I tie the knot.  The necessary supplies and materials were ordered and… nothing.  Wedding planning, working and being a full time student took over, the bridesmaids received hand written letters instead.  After moving in to our new house and graduating WT about six months later, I found the box with my jewelry supplies in it that I had completely forgotten about.  I finally took the time to sit down and make the beloved bracelet and to my surprised it turned out perfect!  I was hooked.  Bracelets gave me ideas for necklaces, which lead ideas for earrings, then more bracelets… you get it.  The more I created designs the more I felt inspired to create something new and different. Whether that be a dainty, delicate choker or bright and bold earrings, my goal was then to create a variety of styles that were completely customizable and could appeal to anyone who wanted to add something unique to their outfits.

Hollow Dot Designs is a brand of handmade jewelry using an assortment of materials ranging from precious metal and gemstones to Japanese silk and glass beads that I started off of my kitchen table in June of this year.  Starting a jewelry company from my kitchen has been so incredibly fun and so insanely challenging.

Although this might come as a bit of a surprise, designing and creating the jewelry is the easiest part of running Hollow Dot Designs.  There is so much back end work involved that completely caught me off guard, from running the website, creating pricing guides and figuring out business ownership legalities, to establishing marketing plans, configuring cost structures and maintaining inventory.  I am so fortunate to have just graduated from the COB with my BBA in Marketing because I am so prepared for any of these crazy hurdles that are suddenly in my path.  There is no concern about ensuring my business plan or financial spreadsheets are accurate, nor do I panic about invoice notes or payment structures thanks to my organization skills I acquired through my education.  Creating my own marketing plan is truly a dream come true.  I am able to thoroughly handle both sides of my business, the creative side as well as the business aspects.  I feel so incredibly lucky to do something that I love, while using what I learned through my years of school at WT!”

— Kaytie Ammons

For more information, visit http://hollowdotdesigns.com/.