Dr. Berry Intro. Video Screenshot
Dr. Berry Intro. Video Screenshot

Over the last year, Media Minds has put together course introductory videos for most graduate business courses. These videos give students a glimpse of what they can expect from a course by detailing basic course information, learning objectives, and how the course is graded. To view the list of course introductory videos click here.

The rapid growth of techonology programs at WT clearly established the demand for the information technology programs at WT.  MBA students with emphasis in Computer Information Systems has grown from 10 students to 70 students and the BBA program has grown from 60 students to 130 within the last five years.  Job placement rates for both the graduate and undergraduate students in Computer Information Systems area is over 95% with most starting salaries well in excess of $60,000 per year.

Data science and computer analytics account for the largest share of growth in the information technology sector, with one survey finding that nearly half of surveyed businesses have implemented or plan to launch data initiatives in the near future. However, several companies have expressed concern about the shortage of employees trained in data science, particularly in managing and analyzing big data (i.e., large volumes of often unstructured data). One survey of 750 companies found that nearly 40 percent of businesses lack of skilled labor needed to enact data initiatives, with an anticipated shortage of 1.5 million trained data analysis professionals by 2018 (Hanover Research, 2016).

The College of Business is pleased to meet the growing regional and national demand for information analytics by offering a Master of Science (MS) in Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Business Analytics starting the fall of 2017.  The 36 credit hour program is designed for completion within a two-year period and can be completed on campus, online, or via a mix of campus and online courses.  Program requirements include 27 credit hours of core courses and 9 credit hours of prescribed electives.  Specific program curriculum is as follows:

Required Core Courses

Quantitative Analysis in Business (Select One)
*CIDM 6305: Quantitative Analysis in Business
*CIDM 6320: Econometrics

Data Analytics (Select One)
*CIDM 6308:  Seminar in Data Analytics
*CIDM 6362:  Advanced Business Forecasting

Computing and Data Mining (Select Two)
*CIDM 5310:  Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems
*CIDM 6312:  Seminar in Information Visualization
*CIDM 6350:  Data and Information Management
*CIDM 6355:  Data Mining Methods

Web and Mobile Development (Select Two)
*CIDM 5360:  Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
*CIDM 6325:  Electronic Commerce and Web Development
*CIDM 6330:  Software Engineering and Systems Development

Technology Planning and Management (Select One)
*CIDM 6310:  Information Technology Management
*CIDM 6388:  Change and Innovation Managemen
*CIDM 6390:  Project Management for the Enterprise

Elective Courses

Nine semester hours of graduate elective courses in computer information systems and decision management (CIDM), accounting (ACCT), economics (ECON), or finance (FIN).

For more information about the MS in CIS & Business Analytics contact Dr. LaVelle Mills (lmills@wtamu.edu), associate dean of graduate business programs.