Babb at Denmark-CBS-Amsterdam-2010
Study Abroad Planned for Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012

The College of Business and the Computer Information and Decision Management department look forward to offering a faculty-lead study abroad opportunity in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2012.  The study abroad opportunity will focus on social democracy, citizen participation, and technology in Denmark and Scandinavia.  Scandinavia is unique region in the world, with an economic and cultural history, which has shaped a modern and technology-focused country such as Denmark.  As a city, Copenhagen consistently ranks highly on dimensions of quality-of-life, personal happiness, and cost-of-living; which should make for a fascinating setting for study abroad.  On this trip, students will learn more about why Copenhagen ranks so highly on these dimensions and how this affects attitudes towards IT management and productivity.

Dr. Jeffry Babb is conducting an exploratory site visit to Copenhagen in May 2011 in order to secure learning experiences for WT students.  Dr. Babb will focus on arranging learning opportunities which include citizen participation in the technology process, consumer and business co-creation in areas of technology, and the perspectives of Scandinavian IT professionals.  Some of the anticipated interactions that Dr. Babb is seeking to facilitate are: A visit to the Microsoft Development Center, Denmark; visits and lectures at KMD, which is a company responsible for all municipal IT in Denmark; a focus on the emergence of transnational business regions in Europe, such as the Öresund Region between southern Sweden and Denmark; and, a visit to MINC Malmö, an incubator/entrepreneur center across the Öresund in Malmö, Sweden.  Further details regarding this study abroad opportunity will be available at the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester.

Students interested in the 2012 trip to Copenhagen are encouraged to contract Dr. Jeffry Babb at