CANYON, Texas—The Student-Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) portfolio managers at West Texas A&M University presented their purchase decisions at the 2017 College of Business Student Symposium on May 2. The stocks selected as possible buy opportunities are:

• AutoBytel (ABTL);
• Ally Financial (ALLY);
• Apogee Enterprises (APOG);
• Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY);
• Continental Building Products (CBPX);
• Cirrus Logic (CRUS);
• Diebold Nixdorf (DBD);
• Fox Factory Holding Corporation (FOXF);
• Huntington Ingalls (HII);
• Lyondell Basell Industry (LYB);
• Motorola Solutions (MSI);
• Nexstar Broadcasting (NXST);
• Douglas Dynamics (PLOW);
• Scott Miracle-Gro (SMG);
• Constellation Brands (STZ);
• TAL Education Group (TAL); and
• Teradata Corporation (TDC).

Owing to a combination of performance and donations, the SMIF current market value is more than $1,186,265. During the prior year, the equity portion of the SMIF increased in line with the S&P 500 index. With a beta close to one, the SMIF performed slightly better than the market for the last five years. The fund is a blend with about 30 percent in growth, 35 percent in value and 35 percent in core. The majority is in large-cap stocks, with about 20 percent in large-cap growth, 20 percent-25 percent in large-cap value, and 20 percent-25 percent in large-cap core. The largest sector weights are information technology (18 percent), financials (14 percent), consumer staples (12 percent), consumer cyclical (11 percent) and industrials (11 percent).

Through the SMIF, finance majors at WTAMU explore applied investing. Students manage a portfolio of funds and decide on stocks to purchase and sell with a goal of long-term growth.  They learn investment fundamentals, valuation techniques and technical analysis. All finance majors explore one or more investment opportunities, which are forwarded to the student portfolio managers for consideration. Portfolio managers attempt to meet the dual objectives of increasing the long-run value of the portfolio combined with the short-run objective of providing student scholarships.

Student Portfolio Managers 2017
Student Portfolio Managers 2017

The following are the 2017 Student Portfolio Managers.
Matthew Brown
Trestin Clay
Chris Morgan
Kelsey Pruett
Nathan Sutlief
Whitney McDonald

Julian Martinez

Rafeea Almas

Anastasia Rademaekers

Dublin, Ireland
Niall Pratt

El Paso
Sandra Ramirez

Stefan Schlabs

Daniel Barrios

San Antonio
Collin Bumpass

San Diego, Calif.
Reece Bernet

Taylor Hurt

Veronica Carillo

The 2017 SMIF scholarship awards range from $1,000 to $2,000 per student. The following students are 2017 scholarship winners.

Emily Gross, MS Computer Information Systems

Shane Dockery, MBA Management

Anastasia Rademaekers, MS Finance and Economics

Del Rio
Marcus Braswell, BBA General Business

Marlene van Mourik, BBA Management

Samyah Marcellin, MS Finance and Economics

Cinthya Carrera, MBA Healthcare Management

Edgar Garcia, BBA Accounting

Jelina Fernando, BBA Marketing

Fort Collins, Colo.
Ryan Quaid, BBA Finance

Hurley, N.M.
Zach McCauley, BBA Finance

Niall Pratt, MS Finance and Economics

Carter James, MS Finance and Economics

New Braunfels
Chase Holt, BBA Management

Mohamad Chaudhry, MS Finance and Economics

Sydney Walton, BBA Management

Portland, Ore.
Selena Batiste, BBA Accounting

Pedro Dos Santos, BBA Management

Rochester, Minn.
Heather Grebin, BBA Marketing

Sergey Nyrkov, MS Finance and Economics

Ngan Dao, MS Finance and Economics

Veronica Carrillo, MS Finance and Economics