The College of Business is partnering with the College of Fine Arts in providing a Study Abroad opportunity this May to London. Dr. Nick Gerlich, along with Dr Leigh Browning and Lori Westermann, are leading 21 undergraduate and graduate students across the pond to study sports marketing and preparations being made for the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

“We’re going to visit the Olympic village and the various venues, and get a first-hand look at how an international sporting event of this size is crafted,” Gerlich said.  Students will study how new and traditional media are being used to market the event. “World Cup soccer is the closest we have as a benchmark, and even it pales in comparison to the Olympics,” he added.  “Diverse cultures and technological adoption mean that what works in one locale may very well not work in another.  We cannot simply take Facebook for granted and assume social media alone will work.”

The team will leave Amarillo on May 15th and return on the 25th.  In addition to a crash course on international sports marketing, the troupe will visit the theater and Stonehenge.