The College of Business is please to announce the addition of three new faculty members starting fall 2011.  The three new additions are Dr. Thomas Hogan, Dr. Sean Humpherys, and Dr. Neil Meredith.  The following offers a brief bio of the new faculty members:

Dr. Hogan

Dr. Thomas Hogan, assistant professor of economics, Ph.D. from George Mason University and MBA with finance concentration from University of Texas at Austin.  His primary research and teaching areas are in money & banking, macroeconomic theory, and international economics.  Dr. Hogan’s work experience includes service with Merrill Lynch, Warth & Klein, and the World Bank.


Dr. Humpherys

Dr. Sean Humpherys, assistant professor of computer information systems, Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.  His current research areas focus on developing theories of Information Systems to aid in Homeland Security efforts, identifying deception/hostile intent, and identifying financial fraud.  His research has appeared in multiple journals including MIS Quarterly, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communications, Communications of the Association for Information Systems Journal, and Decision Support Systems Journal.  Dr. Humpherys holds the title Pickens Professorship of Business at West Texas A&M University.

Dr. Meredith

Dr. Neil Meredith, assistant professor of economics, Ph.D. from the University of Georgia.  His primary research and teaching areas are in microeconomic theory, industrial organization, health care economics, and international economics.  Dr. Meredith’s research includes a publication in the Pennsylvania Economic Review.