The department of Information and Decision Management would like to congratulate the participants in the 2010 IDM Student Trip.This year, 14 outstanding CIS majors participated in a tour of Cisco’s campus in Richardson. Participants were exposed to Cisco’s new product testing facility, got to experience upcoming communications products, and were treated to an HD teleconference with Cisco’s San Jose headquarters. Students also got to see Cisco’s largest data center. The students conducted themselves with a level of professionalism and preparedness which reflects well on the IDM department.

Following the Cisco trip, participants toured Walgreen’s regional distribution center in Waxahatchie. Students were introduced to a variety of complex technology and machinery, including very large and very small robots, security and supply chain management systems.

The student trip is an annual trip sponsored by the IDM department. The trip serves three purposes. First to recognize and reward exceptional CIS students who aspire to be an active part of a world-class organization. Second, to expose these students to the corporate environment and professional culture that drives these cutting edge organizations. Finally, the student trip serves as an opportunity for the IDM department to showcase its best and brightest students to potential recruiters, with the goal of building relationships that will benefit all parties involved.