On April 8, 2010 the Office of Career Services offered the second annual Business Etiquette dinner to business students. Napkin placement, table settings, dining styles, eating soup, and buttering bread are a few of the basics covered during the dinner. Several local businesses participated and sponsored the event including participation by Cintas, B&W Pantex, Hastings, FirstBank Southwest, Great Plains Ag Credit, McDonald’s, Johnson & Sheldon, Connor McMillon Mitchell and Shennum, Dilliard’s, Edward Jones, and Happy State Bank. College of Business faculty participants included Dr. James Owens, Dr. Nick Gerlich, Dr. Anne Macy, and Ms. Alice Upshaw. The following student participated in the event:

Stanton Addy
Chandra Agundiz
Luciano Agundiz
Juan Aponte
Zach Barton
Randall Box
Austin Brooks
Jane Butcher
Elizabeth Campbell
Jonathan Carr
Kyle Cato
Denin Cox
Callie Crum
Kristen Estrada
James Eve
Yvonne Favila
Crystal Flores
Paul Fridenstine
Kalika Harrison
Cullen Haworth
Brad Heim
Chance Hull
Chizoba Igboannugo
Trisha Jaramillo
Jacob Jensen
Susan Johnston-Young
Thu Le
Lili Li
Dan Manhanay
Saul Martinez
Francisco Mata
Erin McNutt
BJ Medley
Nicki Nielsen
Amy O’Meara
Jacob Ortega
Brian Park
Joseph Peterson
Matthew Pullen
Timothy Saunders
Cassie Schenk
Clay Schick
Nathan Sechrist
Erin Smith
Abel Soto
Brandli Stitzel
Jeanine Stoute
Brooks Thompson
Alexandra Timms
Johanna Valasquez
Matthew Ware
Brian Whipple
David Wiedenfeld
Garrett Williams
Sherilyn Willis
Wildon Wooley
Melissa Ysaguirre