Scholarship support for business students will increase in the future thanks to several recent donations.  The College of Business has received over $500,000 of new additions for various business scholarship endowment and expendable accounts in 2012.  “We are very grateful for the influx of donations received to support student success,” said Dr. Neil Terry, Dean of the College of Business.  “Private scholarship donations help develop future business leaders and raise the College’s level of academic excellence to the next tier of distinction.”

Newly created scholarships endowments include the following (donations from $10,000 to $250,000):

Rosemartha Cates
Rosemartha Cates
  • Rosemartha and James Cates Scholarship, established by the owner-operator of the Donut Stop to support business students from the Texas Panhandle.
  • The Larry and Sandra Oldham Scholarship, established to support accounting majors.
  • The W.F. McWhirter Scholarships, established to support multiple accounting students.
  • The Friends of the College of Business Scholarships, established by Mabel and Kenneth Jones to support multiple students majoring in accounting and/or related business fields.

Existing scholarships with significant additions to the endowment and/or expendable account in 2012 include the following (donations from $1,000 to $15,000):

  • J. W. And Nell Foust Alumni Association Scholarships in Business

    Larry and Sandra Oldham
    Larry and Sandra Oldham
  • Hudgins Crosier Sumpter, P.C. Educational Intern Scholarships in Accounting
  • Neil and Anne Macy Terry Scholarship in Business
  • David and Myrt Wilder Scholarships in Accounting and Finance
  • Barry L. Duman Family Scholarship in Economics
  • LaVelle and Larry Mills Family Scholarship in Business
  • Amjad Abdullat and Taghreed Maaytah Scholarship in CIS
  • Don Williams contribution to Students in Free Enterprise Endowment
  • Amarillo Executive Association Scholarship

    David, Kolten, and Mryt Wilder
    David, Kolten, and Mryt Wilder
  • Bill and Betty Semmelbeck Scholarship
  • First United Bank Scholarship
  • Happy State Bank Scholarship
  • Steve and Martha Hayward Scholarship
  • Parman Reynolds Scholarship
  • Jorge Caballero Student Leadership Scholarship Award
  • Cary Lyles Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert S. Glazer Memorial Scholarship
  • Panhandle Chapter of the Texas Society of CPA’s
  • COB Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Annual Fund Scholarship
  • Vincent M. Eggers Scholarship in Economics and Finance
  • CSI, Meridian Intern Scholarship in Computer Information Systems