The College of Business (COB) believes that employment of our graduates is a key indirect assessment tool. The University surveys undergraduate students at the spring graduation to obtain general job market information on current graduates. The College of Agriculture, Science and Engineering (ASE), College of Business (COB), College of Education and Social Sciences (ESS), College of Fine Arts and Humanities (FAH), and Nursing and Health Sciences (NHS) all participate in the survey. Although current labor market conditions are not ideal for new college graduates, College of Business students appear to navigate the recessionary storm better than other areas. Below is a comparative summary report of the employment status of College of Business and WT spring (May) 2009 and 2010 graduates:

Employment of Graduates by College (WT Spring 2010)

College Percent of Graduates Employed at time of Graduation (2009) Percent of Graduates Employed at time of Graduation (2010)
ASE 40% 53%
COB 64% 65%
ESS 43% 40%
FAH 47% 56%
NHS 60% 56%
WTAMU Average 49% 52%

Source: WTAMU Institutional Data (5-15-2010)