SMIF LogoThrough the Student-Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), finance majors explore applied investing.  Students manage a portfolio of funds and decide on stocks to purchase and sell with a goal of long-term growth.  They learn investment fundamentals, valuation techniques, and technical analysis.  All finance majors explore one or more investment opportunities, which are forwarded to the student portfolio managers for consideration.  Portfolio managers attempt to meet the dual objectives of increasing the long-run value of the portfolio combined with the short-run objective of providing student scholarships.  Since 2001, the program has awarded over $100,000 in scholarship funds to business students.  The student portfolio has grown from an initial value of $100,000 to the current value of over $700,000.

The 2013 Student Portfolio Managers are Ethan Douglass, Manuel Garcia, Ashley Peterson, and Kolten Wilder.   The new stock purchases for 2013 includes Ford (F), Wendy’s (WEN), Altera (ALTR), EMC (EMC), Expeditors International (EXPD), and CA (CA).

The students selected to serve as the 2014 Student Portfolio Managers are Mohammad Alazzam, Gustavo Barraza, Wesley Bentley, William Glover, Leif Knippers, Karen Mendoza, Viridiana Pereda, Max Pierce, Brandy Roberts, Robert Snider, Taylor Tice, Linh Trieu, and Reid Winger.